Are you ready to say goodbye to pelvic pain?


You’re in the Right Place If:

  • Your pain with sexual activity, gynecological exams or tampon use is negatively impacting your life

  • You’ve seen multiple doctors/health care professionals and still haven’t gotten the answers you need

  • You feel isolated because you can’t chat at the dinner table about the pain you’re experiencing

  • You’re sick of avoiding physical touch with your partner because you’re afraid it will lead to sex

  • You’re afraid you will never be able to enjoy sex again


Dr. Rose Schlaff, PT, DPT, WHC, IF


Everyone has that one friend who is the go-to for questions that start with, “Ok, I’ve been embarrassed to talk to anyone else about this, but…”

I have always been “that friend.”

Making people feel at ease when talking about uncomfortable, sensitive, or embarrassing topics is my jam.

During my doctorate program at San Diego State University, I found out that there was a type of physical therapy that helped people with the most sensitive problems — like pain that interferes with enjoying sexual activity.

My lifelong role as “that friend” became a clear career path, and I knew that I wanted to help people find real solutions to these delicate and personal issues. I have been working as a pelvic floor physical therapist for the last few years and helped numerous clients with issues ranging from urine leakage to genital pain and pain with sex.

But my own health conditions began to show me first-hand how persistent symptoms can impact your life and make you feel completely out of control of your own body.

I went to many doctors who told me there was nothing wrong and tried desperately to find solutions on my own. I read everything I could get my hands on, spent hours in internet wormholes and tried countless new diets and supplements.

I felt like nothing was working, like healing was for everyone else, not me.

For me, true healing was a journey that required a holistic approach, including nourishing nutrition, movement, and sleep. I started seeing real change. I started feeling better.

Wanting to bring this type of encompassing healing to my clients, I trained with the Integrative Women’s Health Institute to learn about holistic treatments for pelvic pain.

During our one on one health and lifestyle coaching sessions, I use a combination of my experience in pelvic health and holistic health approaches — along with my lifelong experience of being “that friend” — to empower you to reclaim your life, begin working constructively with your body, and start living with ease and joy.

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